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Boswellia Serrata is one of the foremost organic anti-inflammatories, it dates back over hundreds of years for its exceptional medicinal properties. Boswellia is a brilliant additive to incorporate into your horses’ diet to aid and support most problematic joint and muscle symptoms. Complimented by the well-known and trusted compound Glucosamine Sulphate, which is widely known for its joint pain-relieving properties as it aids the growth of cartilage and synovial fluid which are your horses’ natural joint shock absorbers and lubricant.
  • Amazing anti-inflammatory properties
  • Reduces stiffness 
  • Maintains smooth and comfortable joint movement 
  • Aids joint based pain symptoms 
  • Improves mobility & flexibility 
  • Supports the preservation of joint structure & cartilage

This product is suitable for all riding disciplines and currently conforms to the FEI banned substances list 2018.